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"The Power of Prevention"™

J & J Medical, LLC offers scientifically validated preventive cardiology, radiology, vascular surgery, and primary prevention programs delivered by an internationally recognized team with unparalleled credibility and experience in the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
We recognize the challenges healthcare providers face to identify subclinical disease, eliminate acute events, and better serve the proactive patient. That is why we have designed scientifically supported heart and vascular programs that better equip physicians, enhance patient services and bring recognition and market differentiation to your facility.

"Before Dr. Fine's program, I had been working to sell the concept of calcium scoring to the general medical staff and had achieved a utilization rate of about 3 a day."
"Then we implemented the SHAPE Accredited Centers of Excellence program and have now grown to 15-20 calcium scores per day. Dr. Fine's program works!"
"There is no question that this program saves lives for patients that do not have a clue that they have life threatening illnesses. The SHAPE Centers of Excellence program SAVES LIVES!!"

Larry Weathers MD, FSCAI, FSCCT
Mercy Heart & Vascular Center
Rogers, AR

Clinical Initiative Updates:

2015 International Congress of Cardiology to Honor Dr. Fine

The 7th International Congress of Cardiology has named Dr. Jeffrey Fine as a 2015 Prominent Expert in the field of Preventive Cardiology and the Early Detection of Coronary Artery Disease. This recognition is based upon Dr. Fine's development of early detection programs at over 50 hospitals and clinics in 8 countries. Dr. Fine's program has impacted almost 100,000 patients to date and saved over 3000 lives of asymptomatic patients identified with severe coronary artery disease.

The Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE)

J & J Medical has entered into a multi-year exclusive collaboration with SHAPE to serve as the "Education, Provider Training, and Program Development Arm" of the Society. A primary focus of this "Heart Attack Eradication Campaign" will be identifying and selecting sites to establish superior early detection and CAD prevention programs and become SHAPE/Heart Health Accredited "Centers of Excellence". Applications for participation are being accepted from healthcare providers worldwide.

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J & J Medical- SHAPE Society to Launch Early Detection Initiative Across India

After years of planning, the Heart Health Early Detection Program with International Accreditation from the SHAPE Society will be implemented throughout India with local medical partners. Initial sites are to be trained and operational in Mumbai by June with up to 50 sites launched in all regions of India through 2015-2016. This Heart Attack prevention initiative is the largest of it's kind and will impact hundreds of thousands of lives. 

Dr. Fine Invited Guest Lecturer in Norway

Dr. Jeff Fine was the featured guest faculty for a medical training symposium focusing on the identification of coronary artery disease in asymptomatic patients and using modern imaging technologies to better manage these at risk patients and improve patient outcomes. The lecture was held in Bergen, Norway to an esteemed audience of Norwegian physicians from various medical specialties including Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Radiology, and OB-GYN.


International Heart Attack Prevention Initiative

"J & J Medical Goes International!" J & J Medical is actively delivering comprehensive physician education combined with the implementation of heart attack prevention and early detection programs internationally to reduce the worldwide effects of CVD. Call today to become the first "Internationally Accredited" site in your region. Programs are in place or scheduled in the following regions: 
  •   Lebanon
  •   Australia
  •   Egypt
  •   France
  •   Germany
  •   Brazil
  •   Portugal
  •   Norway
  •   United Arab Emirates
  •   Saudi Arabia
  •   Malta
  •   Turkey
  •   Norway


Business Development

        SHAPE/Heart Health Early Detection Program: International Accreditation

              SHAPE Society Endorsed Program                              

        "Heart Health" Coronary Calcium Scoring Referral Enhancement Program

                   SHAPE Society Endorsed Program                      

        Coronary Calcium Scoring Program Development 

                   SHAPE Society Endorsed Program           

  •     Cardiac CTA Program Development
  •     Heart Attack Prevention Program Development    
  •     CT Department Operations and Efficiency Analysis
  •     Cath Lab Operations and Efficiency Analysis
  •     Physician Education/Referral Enhancement Programs
  •     Cardiac CTA Reimbursement Negotiations

Physician/Provider Training


            SHAPE Society Endorsed Program           

  •     Carotid IMT Regional Workshops
  •       Cardiac CT Board Review Courses
  •     "On-Site" Level I, II, III Cardiac CT Physician Training Programs 




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 "Doctor Jeff Fine is clearly a recognized, respected expert in the field of coronary calcium scoring. His coronary calcium scoring program is excellent and his presentations outstanding."

Josh Grossman, MD, FACP
Col. (R), US Army Medical Corps
Johnson City, TN